XI. Winter-Paralympics
7th - 16th March 2014

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Slogan: "Hot.Cool.Yours"

The first part of the slogan, consisting of the two words “Hot.Cool.” symbolizes movement, evolution and moving forward.

The last word "Yours." symbolizes personal involvement and shows that while the Games are a large-scale national project, everybody can share in the victories at the Games and the sense of pride.

Facts & figures

There are six different paralympic wintersports in total:

Alpine Skiing, Para-Snowboard, Biathlon, Cross-Country Skiing, Ice Sledge Hockey, Wheelchair Curling

Alpine SkiingPPara-SnowboardBiathlonCross-Country SkiingIce Sledge HockeyWheelchair Curling

 Medals table Austria

13 athletes

2 gold medals, 5 silver medals, 4 bronze medals

The Mascots

The Mascots of the XI. Winter-Paralympics in SOCHI 2014 from 7. – 16. März 2014 are named „Snowflake“ and „Ray Of Light“ – in russia: “Snezhinka” and “Luchik”.


Ray Of Light flew down to Earth from a planet where it was always hot. After he landed he faced a new and unknown planet where everything was different compared to his home. He found friends but he still felt a bit lonely. There was no other Starperson like him among the people. One day he saw a falling star leaving a beautiful trace across the night sky. It was another space stranger Snowflake. In some ways they seemed very different but in others, Snowflake and Ray Of Light had a lot in common.

Ray of Light introduced her to his earth friends and told her about sports. Together they invented new kinds of sports. They loved sports. Ray of Light and Snowflake decided to stay on Earth and use their fantastic abilities in other areas beside sport to teach their friends and all people how to discover their own wonderful skills.

Their participation in sports helped them to understand that, in the end, they are not different, they are united through their great sporting abilities and are good and faithful friends. Ray of Light and Snowflake became the true personification of harmony within contrast. Together they demonstrate that anything is possible.

Mascots SOCHI 2014