Since "TORINO 2006", the Austrian Paralympic Committee has organized the Austria House during the Paralympics in Cooperation with the Austrian Olympic Committee. The great success of each individual house proves that the Austria House is appreciated and a trusted location during the Paralympics. So far, the Austrian Paralympic Committee has welcomed guests at the Paralympics in "TORINO 2006", "BEIJING 2008", "VANCOUVER 2010", "LONDON 2012", "SOCHI 2014" and "RIO 2016".

With the XII. Winter Paralympics in PyeongChang 2018, the Austrian Paralympic Committee are running a new generation of the Hospitality House together with the German and Swiss Paralympic Committee - the ALPENHAUS.

The Austria House became a focal point during the Games as a place for Medal ceremonies and as a communication platform for representatives from politics, the media and the economy. Austria House also presents for its guests to enjoy fantastic Austrian hospitality, far from home, in a cozy and Austrian themed atmosphere.



Birch Hill vorne 1 HP
(Foto: OEPC)

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(Foto: Vitor Silva)

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Austrian House SOCHI 2014
(Photo: Franz Baldauf)

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Austrian House LONDON 2012
(Photo: GEPA)

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vancover oehaus mini
(Photo: Franz Baldauf)

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Austrian House BEIJING 2008
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Austrian House TORINO 2006
(Photo: Franz Baldauf)

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